Navigating the Fashion Seascape: The Nike Dunk Lobster Colorways

Navigating the Fashion Seascape: The Nike Dunk Lobster Colorways

From the creative minds at Nike, a series of colourways inspired by an unlikely creature of the deep has been making waves in the sneaker community. The Nike Dunk Lobsters are a collection of footwear that has become a definitive statement in contemporary sneaker culture. 


The Palette of Underwater Legends


The Lobster Dunks collection is famous for its captivating colourways. Each variant signifies a unique story, pairing distinct colours with elements of the lobster's underwater habitat. The collection includes:

The Red Lobster Dunk: The OG that started it all, the Red Lobster Dunk pays homage to the most common lobster colour, complete with checkered picnic tablecloth insoles, evoking the quintessential New England lobster dining experience.


The Blue Lobster Dunk: Released in 2009, the Blue Lobster takes inspiration from the rare blue lobster, estimated to be one in two million. The sneaker also comes in a special 'hazmat' packaging, signifying the 'dangerously fresh' approach of the design.

The Yellow Lobster Dunk: The Yellow Lobster Dunk is an homage to the even rarer yellow lobster, an occurrence of one in 30 million. Initially only available to friends and family of Concepts, it features picnic blanket patterns on the insoles and claw bands around the toe box.

The Orange Lobster Dunk: Representing a rarity in nature with an estimated occurrence of one in 10 million, this colourway captivates with its vibrant orange hue, emulating the lobster's unique shell colour when cooked. The shoe maintains the distinctive elements of the Lobster Dunks with the claw bands around the toe box and the picnic blanket patterns on the insoles.

The Green Lobster Dunk: Introduced in 2018, the Green Lobster is an SB Dunk Low in a bright shade of neon green, embodying the vibrancy of the undersea world.

The Purple Lobster Dunk: A fantastic follow-up to the Green Lobster, the Purple Lobster combines the Red and Blue Lobster Dunks into a single pair of shoes, an ingenious nod to colour theory.



The Nike Dunk Lobster Legacy

Over the years, the Lobster Dunks have become more than just footwear; they're a testament to Nike's ability to push boundaries, embrace unusual themes, and still create shoes that resonate with fans. From the basketball courts to the streets, the Nike Dunk Lobster Colourways have stood the test of time, embodying the essence of both fashion and functionality.

Whether you're a sneakerhead, a fashion enthusiast, or just someone with an appreciation for unique design, the Nike Dunk Lobster colourways offer a fascinating exploration into how nature's palette can inspire and revolutionise the world of footwear. Here's looking forward to what other vibrant depths Nike might explore next.