New Balance 550

The New Balance 550 is a classic running shoe that has been around for decades and is one of the industry's most recognizable footwear. This sneaker, first produced in 1982, was designed to give ideal comfort and support during extended runs. Because of its adaptable design and dependable performance on every terrain, it has since become a vital element of many athletes' outfits.
New Balance debuted their trademark line with four original models: the 500 series (which included the 576), the 600 series (which featured 605s), the 700 Series (which contained 755), and the 800 Series (featuring 880). Only two of these many types stood out: the NB550, which has remained popular since its introduction more than 30 years ago! This type was designed primarily for runners that wanted additional cushioning while also maintaining stability throughout their gait cycle, something other manufacturers couldn't deliver at the time or even now.
The midsole composition used EVA foam mixed with ENCAP technology, which gave improved shock absorption while running longer distances without losing flexibility or responsiveness - something no other company had done before them! As a result, New Balance immediately became renowned among serious athletes demanding optimal performance from their shoes on a daily basis, regardless of whether it's training sessions indoors/outdoors, track meetings, and so on...
The new balance 550 for 2020 edition has lightweight mesh upper materials mixed with synthetic overlays for added durability.

New Balance 550 Australia

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The Levitate team are passionate about creating stylish and comfortable shoes for their customers – from casual weekend wear to performance sports gear – without compromising on quality or comfort. Their selection of New Balance 550s includes some of the most popular models available, including classic styles like 'Air', 'Lace Up' & 'High Top'. They also offer custom options such as colorway changes and sole swaps so you get exactly what you want! All purchases come with free shipping within Australia too - making it easier than ever before to experience true sneaker luxury right here Down Under! 
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