Mr Winston, founded in 2017 by mother-daughter duo Karen and Ella Davidson, is a Melbourne-based clothing brand that focuses on comfortable yet refined dressing. Named after their family Golden Retriever, the business was initially run from their home kitchen where they designed linen & satin samples before sourcing manufacturers to bring them to life.


The generational difference between Karen's project management experience and Ella's vintage garment background proved integral for Mr Winston’s success. The company quickly expanded with multiple drops within months of its launch while maintaining strong relationships with suppliers and customers.


Winston unexpectedly entered the leisurewear market through its MW Sport Collection which features fleece garments suitable for casual errands or morning coffee runs – an influence attributed to living through one of the world’s longest covid-lockdowns in Melbourne city. Many products are proudly made locally using materials sourced from Australia itself.


In addition to ready-to-wear pieces, Mr Winston also offers Re-Work - a line of custom recycled vintage garments aimed at giving new life to discarded textiles; originally spearheaded by co-founder Ella herself but now led by another talented individual as part of team expansion plans moving forward into future collections.