KAWS, born Brian Donnelly in 1974, is a renowned American artist and designer known for his distinctive style that combines pop art with street culture. Beginning as a graffiti artist in the early '90s, KAWS quickly gained recognition by adding his signature tag to advertisements across New York City.


Over time, he transitioned from tagging billboards to creating original works on canvas and sculptures. His iconic "Companion" character – an abstract figure featuring skull-and-crossbones heads and exaggerated limbs inspired by popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse – has become synonymous with KAWS' oeuvre. The Companion first debuted as limited edition vinyl toys before evolving into large-scale public installations exhibited worldwide.


In addition to fine art pieces showcased at galleries such as MoMA PS1 (New York) or Yuz Museum (Shanghai), KAWS collaborated extensively within fashion spheres partnering up with brands including Nike's Jordan Brand sneakers line or Uniqlo clothing collections - making him accessible beyond traditional gallery spaces which broadened overall appeal of contemporary artwork among younger demographics too!


KAWS’ work continues attracting collectors globally; even celebrities like Pharrell Williams endorse it passionately while some auctions have sold individual artworks reaching millions dollars valuing them similarly amongst top tier contemporaries today!


What is the history behind KAWS and its products?

KAWS, founded by artist Brian Donnelly in 1999, started as a street art project where he painted over advertisements with his signature character designs. Over time, these characters evolved into vinyl toys known as "Companion" figures that gained popularity amongst collectors worldwide. Today, KAWS has expanded to include limited edition prints and sculptures along with collaborations featuring iconic brands such as Uniqlo.

How did the name 'KAWS' come about?

The pseudonym 'KAWS' was created when Brian Donnelly chose random letters from an alphabet set while tagging graffiti during his early career days which eventually stuck around for all of his work moving forward.

Why are some rare or limited-edition items reselling at a high price?

Due to their rarity and unique design aspects combined with cultural hype surrounding the brand's releases – especially those involving partnerships like Dior or Nike - pieces can fetch prices well above retail value on resale platforms due to increased demand among enthusiasts who may have missed out initially upon release.

What kind(s) of sizing should I expect if purchasing clothing (e.g., t-shirts)?

The sizes typically range from small through extra-large; however we recommend checking specific measurements provided within each product description before making any purchase decisions since fit might vary depending on collaboration partners involved.

Can you list some memorable/iconic moments related specifically towards this company/artist?

Some notable instances showcasing the rise of prominence include:

  • 2008-Installation “Passing Through” debuted in Hong Kong
  • 2017-Kaws x Air Jordan IV sneaker collaboration sold instantly online
  • 2021-"Holiday Space," astronaut-themed Companion statue launched into outer space in conjunction with AllRightsReserved
Is it possible to verify authenticity given artwork/toy prior to buying in the resale market?

Yes, certain factors like quality material used in construction, attention to detail, and signature elements can help determine if a piece is genuine or counterfeit. Additionally, online forums dedicated to collectors may provide insight into specific releases, seeking advice from experienced enthusiasts.

What kind of partnerships does KAWS typically engage with?

Kaws frequently collaborates with various high-end streetwear brands such as Uniqlo, Bape, Nike, and Dior to name a few, resulting in unique pieces blending both the artistic vision of the brand and the respective partner's design sensibilities.

Are there any museum exhibitions featuring work from KAWS that I should check out?

Yes! There have been numerous museum shows and gallery exhibits showcasing works by Brian Donnelly over the years; recent notable examples include "KAWS: Where The End Starts" at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas in 2016 and “KAWS: HOLIDAY,” a traveling installation across the Asia-Pacific region since 2021.