Geedup is an Australian streetwear brand founded in 2004 by two brothers, Nima and Nabz Doost. Embracing the elements of hip-hop culture and skateboarding, Geedup offers a range of clothing that includes t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants as well as accessories like hats and bags.


The name "Geedup" originates from the phrase "G'd up," which means being dressed to impress or looking good. The company's mission revolves around creating high-quality products with unique designs inspired by urban lifestyles while maintaining authenticity.


Throughout its journey so far , Geedup has gained immense popularity among artists such as rappers Illy & Spit Syndicate; their collaboration helped propel the brand further into fame within Australia’s music scene . Additionally they have sponsored several events including concerts for prominent musicians .


In recent years , sustainability has become essential focus for many brands worldwide; understanding this trend - geEDUP now emphasizes on ethical production practices ensuring fair wages paid workers employed at factories manufacturing clothes sold under label making them stand out amongst competition .


Despite facing challenges due growth expansion plans remaining independent family-owned business allows flexibility adapt changes maintain creative freedom necessary succeed industry continuously evolving trends preferences consumers


What is the history behind Geedup Clothing?

Geedup Clothing was founded in 2011 by two brothers, Gavin and Casey Lyons, from Sydney's inner west suburbs. They started with a passion for streetwear fashion and aimed to create high-quality clothes that represent their unique lifestyle.

How would you describe the culture surrounding Geedup Clothing?

The culture of Geedup revolves around urban wear enthusiasts who appreciate bold designs inspired by hip-hop music, skateboarding scenes, graffiti artistry as well as Australian subcultures such as surfers or bikie gangs.

Why are there so many resellers selling limited edition items at higher prices than retail value?

The demand for exclusive releases often outpaces supply due to its loyal fan base seeking rare pieces like collaborations with other brands or artists which can lead some collectors willing pay premium prices on resale markets obtain them before they're gone forever!

What kind of sizing does GEEDUP offer?

Geed Up offers various sizes ranging from XS-XXXL depending upon products catering all body types. They also provide size charts available online helping customers make informed decisions about fit ensuring comfortable experience wearing brand’s clothing line.

Do Geedup Clothing collaborate with any local or international designers/artists from time-to-time?

Absolutely! Collaborations are an essential part of their ethos, frequently partnering with talented individuals both within and outside the fashion industry to create unique limited-edition capsules showcasing the best of what they can offer customers.

How has Geedup evolved since its inception in 2011?

Over the years, Geedup has expanded beyond just clothing to include accessories like hats and bags, as well as collaborating with other brands, artists or designers for exclusive collections. They have also grown their presence online through social media platforms where they engage directly with fans, sharing the latest news, updates, releases, and keeping the community engaged and excited for their future endeavors.