Fear of God Essentials Hoodie


Fear of God Essentials, founded in 2018 by renowned designer Jerry Lorenzo, is a contemporary streetwear brand that has garnered a dedicated following. This sub-label of Fear of God (FOG), established in 2013, focuses on providing accessible, high-quality, and comfortable everyday clothing for both men and women. While the main FOG brand is known for its luxury, high-fashion streetwear designs, Essentials aims to offer a more approachable aesthetic.


The brand's collection includes a diverse range of clothing items, such as hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, jackets, and footwear. Fear of God Essentials hoodie is recognized for its minimalist aesthetic, characterized by neutral color palettes, oversized fits, and subtle branding. Traditional sportswear silhouettes and materials like fleece and jersey are often incorporated into the designs, with unique details adding a modern twist.


Collaborations have been instrumental in the success of Fear of God Essentials hoodie, with notable partnerships featuring renowned brands like Converse, Vans, and most notably, Nike. The Fear of God x Nike collaboration has resulted in the creation of highly sought-after sneaker models, including the popular Levitate Sneakers.


Fear of God Essentials hoodie has attracted a devoted following among streetwear enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Renowned individuals such as Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Kendall Jenner can be seen donning the brand's clothing. The label's popularity extends to Australia, where the Levitate Sneakers has gained significant traction among fashion-forward individuals.


What is the history behind Fear of God Essentials?

Fear Of God Essentials, also known simply as "Essentials," was launched in 2018 by designer Jerry Lorenzo as a more affordable and accessible sub-label of his luxury streetwear brand, Fear Of God. The goal for this line was to create high-quality wardrobe staples that still maintain the signature aesthetic style and attention to detail found within the main collection.

How does Essentials fit into streetwear culture?

With its minimalist approach, focus on quality materials, and versatile designs – all offered at relatively lower price points – Fear Of God's Essential line has resonated with both casual wearers and fashion enthusiasts alike who appreciate subtle yet impactful styling choices in their everyday outfits.

Why are there collaborations between popular brands like Nike or Converse involved with FOG essentials?

The collaboration projects merge different styles from each respective company which results not only unique products but it helps bring new design ideas together creating an exclusive limited edition product, hence increasing demand among customers seeking innovative trends. It provides mutual benefits including increased exposure across broader audiences.

Is Essential range unisex? Can women too shop fear god?

Yes indeed! While primarily designed with men in mind, collections offer gender-neutral options making it suitable for anyone looking to incorporate stylish and comfortable clothes into their daily attire regardless of sex, identity, or preference.

Question regarding sizing, how to figure out the perfect size when ordering online?

Before placing an order, ensure accurate measurements and compare provided charts on the website specific to the garment you are interested in. Additionally, reviews are helpful in getting a sense of true-to-size, which may vary slightly depending on the piece type and fabric used to construct the item.