The Nike Dunk, introduced in 1985, is an iconic sneaker that has left a lasting impact on both sports and streetwear cultures. Originally designed as a college basketball shoe, it quickly transcended its athletic roots to become a fashion staple.


Notable for its colour-blocking designs and high and low-top versions, the Dunk allows for endless customization, making it a beloved canvas for collaborations. This shoe has been reinvented numerous times with various materials, colourways, and design twists.


The Nike Dunk's popularity skyrocketed due to its adoption by skateboarders, leading to the creation of the Nike SB Dunk, a variant featuring additional padding and Zoom Air cushioning.


Whether on the court, the skate park, or the street, the Nike Dunk has left an indelible mark. It continues to be a versatile sneaker that offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance, maintaining its iconic status for over three decades.


What is the history of Nike Dunks?

Nike first introduced the Dunk in 1985 as a basketball shoe, designed to combine style and performance on the court. The original "Be True To Your School" pack featured colorways representing popular college basketball teams at that time.

How do Nike Dunks differ from other sneakers in terms of silhouette and design?

The iconic low-cut or high-top profile with padded ankle support defines their signature look, while its panel construction allows for various material combinations and unique color blocking options.

Are there any major collaborations involving Nike Dunks I should know about?

Throughout its history, numerous influential designers have collaborated with this sneaker model—such as Virgil Abloh's Off-White series, Travis Scott's Cactus Jack collaboration (2020), or Diamond Supply Co.'s SB Tiffany Dunk Low Pro (2005).

Why are some versions of Nike Dunks so expensive?

Limited-edition releases often generate hype among collectors due to rarity factors such as production numbers or exclusivity through specific retail channels; furthermore celebrity endorsements can significantly influence demand which results into higher resell prices accordingly.

Do you need to size up/down when buying a pair of Nikes dunks ?

Generally speaking, these shoes tend fit true-to-size however it may vary depending personal preference regarding comfort level – if unsure consider visiting local retailer trying them beforehand purchasing online.

How Can I Properly Maintain My Sneakers In Order Ensure Longevity And Keep Them Looking Fresh ?

To maintain your Nike Dunks and keep them looking fresh, follow these tips:

  • Always store sneakers in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • Use sneaker protection spray to create an extra barrier against dirt and stains. This can be applied before wearing the shoes for the first time as well as after cleaning sessions.
  • Regularly clean your sneakers using specialized products like soft brushes, gentle soap solutions or wipes designed specifically for footwear care; avoid harsh chemicals that might damage materials.
  • Remove any excess dirt immediately by gently wiping with a damp cloth - this prevents it from settling into crevices over time causing permanent staining issues later on down line.
What are some of the most iconic moments associated with Nike Dunk releases?
  • The release of Pigeon SB Low Pro in 2005 which resulted massive crowds lining up outside New York’s Reed Space boutique – police intervention was needed manage chaotic scene unfolding streets nearby.
  • Michael Jordan famously rocking original ‘Bred’ High during his rookie season, inspiring generations athletes fans alike since then due its bold colorway evoking Chicago Bulls uniform scheme at same era.
  • Collaborations between various artists such Jeff Staple's aforementioned "Pigeon" design where limited quantities combined innovative storytelling elements have left lasting impacts throughout sneaker culture history.
Can I wear Nikes dunks casually even though they were initially meant basketball?
Absolutely! Over years evolved beyond their athletic roots now widely recognized versatile stylish options casual everyday attire addition performance-based activities court . Pairing jeans joggers t-shirts hoodies among other streetwear essentials makes perfect ensemble showcasing timeless appeal beloved silhouette