The Air Max TN, also known as the Nike Air Max Plus, is a popular running shoe that first hit the market in 1998. Designed by Sean McDowell, the shoe quickly gained a cult following for its unique design and innovative technology.


The most striking feature of the Air Max TN is the distinctive wavy lines that run across the upper, inspired by the palm trees McDowell saw on the beaches of Florida. This design element, combined with the gradient colorways, give the shoe a bold and futuristic look that still stands out today.


The Air Max TN is renowned for its advanced cushioning system, which features Nike's Tuned Air technology. This consists of individual air pods in the sole, providing tailored support and shock absorption for each wearer's unique foot shape and running style. This makes the Air Max TN an excellent choice for runners seeking both comfort and performance on the track or the streets.


What is the history behind Nike Air Max TNs?

The Nike Air Max TN (also known as Tuned or Requin) was first released in 1998, designed by Sean McDowell. It quickly gained popularity due to its innovative design and technology that provided superior comfort and support.

Why are they called "TN" sneakers?

The letters T-N stand for 'Tuned,' which refers to their unique cushioning system that combines air-filled chambers with a series of interconnected tubes for optimal shock absorption during sports activities.

How did the connection between Australia and Nike Air Max TNs develop?

In Australia, especially within Sydney's western suburbs, people embraced this stylish sneaker early on after its release because it became an unofficial symbol of working-class pride amongst young Australians who were fond of streetwear culture at that time.

How does sizing work when purchasing these shoes?

The general consensus among customers suggests ordering your true size if you have regular width feet; however, those with wider feet may choose to go a half-size up from their usual shoe sizes.

Is there any special maintenance required for keeping my pair fresh & durable long-term use?

To maintain longevity and freshness, clean them periodically using a mild soap solution followed by water rinse, then let them dry naturally away from direct sunlight exposure.

How much do pairs typically resell for and what factors affect the price?

Resell prices can vary depending on factors such as colorway rarity, demand, condition, and whether or not the original box is included. Generally speaking, expect anywhere from the $200-$500+ range, with some rare cases exceeding even higher amounts.

Are there specific moments or highlights connected to the Australian subculture that are particularly noteworthy to mention?

Yes, the Nike Air Max TNs were often worn by members of the Pacific Islander and African communities in Sydney's western suburbs, where they became a symbol of multiculturalism and urban identity. They were also featured in movies and music videos that showcased the fashion and lifestyle of the Australian hip hop scene in the early 2000s.