Air Jordan 5

The Air Jordan 5, a key silhouette in the Jordan Brand lineup, was first released in 1990. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, it drew inspiration from World War II fighter planes, resulting in a unique and bold aesthetic.

Key features include a reflective tongue, transparent rubber soles, and a first-of-its-kind molded ankle collar. The shoe's design struck a perfect balance between form and function, resulting in a sneaker that performed on the court and impressed on the streets.

In Australia, the Air Jordan 5 has a considerable fan base. The Air Jordan 5 Australia releases have garnered much attention, with fans appreciating the blend of history, style, and performance they offer.

From classic colourways like 'Grape' and 'Fire Red' to more modern interpretations, the Air Jordan 5 continues to make a statement in Australia's sneaker culture. Its legacy of innovation and style remains unsurpassed.


What is the history behind the Air Jordan 5?

The Air Jordan 5, designed by Tinker Hatfield, was first released in February of 1990. It drew inspiration from WWII fighter planes and featured a unique shark-tooth design on its midsole. This model marked several innovations for the brand, such as reflective material (3M) on its tongue and asymmetrical ankle collar.

How does sizing run for this model compared to other sneakers or Jordans?

The general consensus among sneakerheads suggests that it's best to go true-to-size when purchasing Air Jordan 5s; however, if your feet are wider than average or prefer extra room in their footwear, you may want to consider going half size up.

Why do certain colorways resell at significantly higher prices than others?

Factors like limited releases, scarcity, collaboration, exclusive materials, and market demand play a role in determining resale value. Some sought-after and popular collaborations with Off White and Supreme lead to a substantial increase in market demand and price.

How should I maintain and clean my Air Jordan 5 sneakers to keep them in top condition?

To properly care for your Air Jordan 5s, follow these steps: Use a soft brush or cloth to remove any loose dirt from the shoe's surface. Create a solution of warm water mixed with mild laundry detergent. Gently scrub the sneaker using this cleaning mixture with either a soft-bristle toothbrush or specialized sneaker-cleaning brush. Wipe away excess soap and moisture on shoes' surfaces by dabbing it gently but firmly using microfiber towel paper towels. Allow air dry room temperature to avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat that can damage the material and color.

What are some iconic moments associated with the Air Jordan 5?

Michael Jordan wore various versions during his career, most notably when he scored a record-breaking point against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs. Additionally, Will Smith frequently sported Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in sitcom, adding cultural significance and popularity to the silhouette.

Are there women-specific releases available?

Yes, the brand recognizes the growing female consumer base and has introduced exclusive sizes and styles cater to their preferences. Recent examples include "Shattered Backboard," "Satin," and "Bluebird."

Can we expect more retros in the future?

Absolutely! Jordan Brand is consistently re-releasing and updating classic models that fans and collectors alike anticipate, exciting iterations in upcoming years. Keep an eye on official announcements and social media channels to stay informed about the latest drops.

Where can I purchase the Air Jordan 5?

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