The Air Jordan 4, first released in 1989, stands as an iconic design in the Jordan Brand series, conceived by Tinker Hatfield. The shoe's unique design combines performance and style, with its mesh panels offering enhanced breathability and its innovative "over-molded" mesh offering a unique aesthetic appeal. It was the first in the series to be released globally and had made its way to Australia, where it has enjoyed a strong fan base ever since.


Air Jordan 4 Australia

These sneakers boast features like the visible Air-Sole unit for cushioning and the iconic "Flight" logo on the tongue. Whether it's the classic 'Bred' or 'Fire Red' colorways, or the more recent 'Neon' and 'What The' renditions, the Air Jordan 4 continues to maintain its popularity in Australia, celebrated for its comfort, durability, and timeless style, come explore our Air Jordan 4 Australia collection. 

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What is the history behind the Air Jordan 4?

The Air Jordan 4 was first released in February of 1989 and designed by Tinker Hatfield, who also created several other iconic Jordans. The shoe gained fame when Michael Jordan wore it during his fourth season with the Chicago Bulls.

Can you describe some key characteristics of the Air Jordan 4 silhouette?

Some notable features include a mesh side panel for breathability, plastic wing eyelets to improve lace lockdown, an extended heel tab that references flight aesthetics, and visible air cushioning on its sole unit.

How does sizing run for this model compared to others within Nike's lineup or previous models?

Generally speaking, most customers find that they can stay true-to-size (TTS) when purchasing their usual size from earlier releases like AJ1-3; however personal preference plays into how snugly one would want these shoes fitted around feet so we recommend trying them out at store if possible beforehand.

Why do certain colorways of the Air Jordan 4 resell significantly higher than retail price?

Limited editions & collaborations drive up demand as collectors scramble after pairs while supply remains low which ultimately increases resale value especially over time once rarity becomes more pronounced alongside nostalgia factor among sneakerheads community members alike

How can I properly maintain and clean my Air Jordan 4 sneakers?

To keep your AJ4s in great condition, it's advised to use a soft brush or cloth with mild soap when cleaning the upper materials. Avoid using harsh chemicals that may cause discoloration or damage the shoes' material integrity. For deeper stains on suede components, consider specialized products designed for those surfaces.

What are some of the most famous collaborations involving the Air Jordan 4 model?

Over time there have been several high-profile partnerships like Off-White x Nike which produced "The Ten" collection featuring an all-new take on this silhouette; Travis Scott who released his own Cactus Jack rendition complete with unique detailing such as reversed Jumpman logos & hidden stash pockets inside tongues among others

Are there any memorable moments associated specifically with these kicks during MJ’s career itself?

One standout moment occurred back at Game 3 Finals against Cavaliers where Michael sank The Shot over Craig Ehlo sealing victory alongside cementing iconic status within basketball history books forevermore thereafter!

Where can I purchase the Air Jordan 4?

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