Consignment Contract

This Consignment Contract ("Agreement") is made effective as of 22nd April 2023 by and between the Consignor and Levitate Sneakers, trading under Levitate Group Pty Ltd / Levitate Sneakers Pty Ltd ("Consignee"), collectively referred to as the "Parties".

Terms and Conditions:

  • Items with transluscent material - Levitate Sneakers is not responsible for any yellowing during the selling process of your items.
  • Knitwear - Levitate Sneakers is not responsible for damage cause to knitwear from stretching.

    *Disclaimer: Please note that all consignment is subject to further approval, regarding the condition, acceptance of item and price.By signing this agreement, the consignor as printed above (“The Consignor”) agrees to Levitate Sneakers terms and conditions as follows:

    1. Levitate Sneakers will apply its best efforts to maintain optimum condition of consigned items and relationship with the respected consignor. Levitate Sneakers is not responsible for: (1) Any form of damage made during the selling process of the consigned item. This includes the yellowing, glossing of materials due to any form of chemical aging, oxidazation, or any other aging process.

    2. In the event that consigned items become damaged as a result of entering into consignment at Levitate Sneakers, it will be up to Levitate Sneakers’s sole discretion to fully or partially subsidize the value of the item to the consignor. Levitate Sneakers will work with the owner to attempt to either repair or reimburse the owner.

    3. By consigning items at Levitate Sneakers, the consignor agrees that items will be tried on for the purpose of maximizing its chances of sale.

    4. It will be up to Levitate Sneakers's sole discretion to display the consigned item on the Levitate Sneakers retail space based on the item's demand and viability of the agreed sale price.

    5. To facilitate a marketplace where cheapest wins, where a cheaper item of the same style and design (Not necessarily size) is available, the cheaper one of the two may take priority of the retail space in-store over the more expensive item.

    6. Before confirming any buy/sell/trade transactions outside of Levitate Sneakers, you MUST obtain confirmation (By email or facebook/instagram message) from Levitate Sneakers that your item is available to be taken back to be sold/traded outside of Levitate Sneakers. Levitate Sneakers will NOT be responsible for any losses due to items not being available due to it being sold.

    7. The consignor above hereby permits Levitate Sneakers to sell items on the consignor's behalf on Levitate Sneakers Store premises.

    8. Information provided by you in this form will also be applicable to all items consigned from the 1st date of consignment to any future consignments under this account. You are responsible to notify us of any changes in Personal details and Alternate contact details via email.

    9. All payouts earned by consignors will be paid out to consignors via bank transfer to the consignors bank accounts only. Payouts via any other payment method is not permitted.

    10. Submitting consignment form does NOT grant approval that all items listed in this form will be accepted for consignment.

    11. Where incorrect bank details were provided by yourself resulting in a bounce back of your payout, Levitate Sneakers will charge 2.50Aud penalty fee per occurrence.

    12. Consignors will not be allowed to remove items from consignment 7 days from consigning. This means that once you consign an item, you cannot return the item until 7 days has passed. Early return of items will incur a 20AUD fee per item.

    13. Where a consignor would like to reduce or increase the price of any item. The consignor MUST submit the price change ticket through the Levitate Consignor Access Dashboard. The consignor agrees that the price drop will not formally occur until it has been acknowledged and approved by the Levitate Sneakers Team.

    14. When removing an item from consignment, the consignor MUST submit a withdrawal item ticket through the Levitate Consignor Access Dashboard. To retrieve the item, the consignor MUST either: (1) Be physically present to take back the item with valid ID, or (2) delegate another person to collect the item and provide that individual with the consignor's physical, valid ID to present at the time of return.
    In the event that withdrawing more than 5 items at once, the consignor MUST send an email to using the email address registered on file to schedule a collection date.

    15. Levitate Sneakers will be keeping record of how many times we believe a consignor has intentionally brought in a non-authentic item. Each consignor will be given 1 chance. Where we believe a consignor has intentionally brought in a non-authentic item for the second time, Levitate Sneakers reverses the right to remove all consigned items linked to that consignor as well as related any other related party and indefinitely revoke the consignors ability to consign at Levitate Sneakers.

    16. In the event the business has incorrectly paid you out or sent you an incorrect item with clear evidence that the event was made in error, you are required to send the funds/items back to us to correct the error or risk a break of agreement leading to a case in the federal court. By submitting this form, you agree that you will coorporate with our reasonable request.

    17. In the event that Levitate Sneakers requests the removal of your items, the consignor is required to either personally retrieve their consigned pairs from the warehouse or provide appropriate shipping labels for their return within 7 business days. Failure to comply with this request within the specified deadline may result in further actions deemed necessary by Levitate Sneakers to resolve the situation, which could ultimately lead to Levitate Sneakers taking ownership of the items after a 4-week period.

    18. [Warehouse consignment specific term] Until further notice, Levitate Sneakers warehouse consignment does not cover your consigned goods damage as a result of events including but not limited to fire, floods, natural disasters and forced entry theft. While we have heavy duty commercial security facilities, we do recommend that where required, you as a consignor can organize insurance for your goods as you see fit.

    19. [Product Source Verification] Levitate Sneakers may require the consignor to provide documentation verifying the origin of the consigned products, such as order confirmations, purchase receipts, or other proof of acquisition directly from the product vendor or the vendor's officially approved retailers. Facebook Marketplace trade screenshots or similar informal sources will not be accepted as valid proof. Failure to provide the requested documentation may result in Levitate Sneakers asking for the return of the consigned goods, in accordance with the terms specified in clause 18.

    20. [Consignment Fee and Transaction Costs] The consignment fee for all items is set at a flat rate of 20%. However, if a purchase is made through Levitate Sneakers' online store, an additional $15 fee will be charged to cover payment transaction costs. By entering into this agreement, the consignor acknowledges and accepts these fees as part of the consignment process.

    21. The consignor confirms that all information provided in this form is true and correct. In the event that incorrect bank details was entered leading to a payout to an account that does not belong to the consignor, Levitate Sneakers is not responsible for any resulting monetary loss. In the event that the contact details provided via this form are incorrect and the consignor does not receive information about ownership takeover, Levitate Sneakers is not responsible for loss of consigned products.